High-quality Cotton Bales & Seeds for Global Textile Industry

Overview of the Cotton Market

Cotton has been a cash crop for millions of farmers all over the world. Though the exact origin of cotton plant and first usage is ambiguous, it is said that its first traces can be found to be at least 7000 years.

The History of Cotton Crop

In India, cotton has been a very important crop for the farming community. If we look back at the history of the region, it can be observed that cotton was a main crop of the Indus River Valley civilization around 3000 BC. Since that period, Indian farmers have been cultivating cotton in some form of the other.

The real boom in cotton industry in India came when Arab merchants started exporting cotton cloth to Europe around 800 A.D. Over the years, the colonial powers started using Indian cotton around the world and it became an important part of India’s export operations.

During the time of Industrial Revolution in Europe, the first cotton mills were set up in England. The mechanical units were more efficient than the handloom. Cotton was first spun on a mechanical loom in England in the year 1730.

The cotton ginning machine was patented by Eli Whitney from Massachusetts in USA in 1793. The patented ginning machine was able to gin cotton 10x faster than the handloom which increased the cotton production and usage around the world.


Today, India stands second in global cotton production with an annual capacity of 6,423,000 metric tonnes. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telengana, Andhra Pradesh are some of the important cotton-producing belts in the country which dominate the Indian cotton industry, in terms of volumetric share. For the Gujarat & Maharashtra region, cotton serves as a lifeline for many farmers.

Axita Cotton: Heralding a New Era in Indian Cotton Production & Processing Ecosystem

At Axita Cotton Ltd., we believe in enriching the lives of farmers in cotton producing regions by providing them access to quality training and a place to bring their harvested crop. Axita Cotton Ltd. makes use of the produced cotton crop to manufacture high-quality raw cotton bales and cotton seeds.

Cotton Bales

Axita Cotton produces two different varieties of cotton bales which are manufactured using pressing and ginning of raw cotton. Using advanced technology, we separate cotton fibers and seeds from the raw cotton crop. Using our automated process, we produce the following high-quality cotton bale varieties:

Axita CottonShankar-6

Axita CottonMECH/MCU-5

Cotton Seeds

Cotton seeds are considered to be the by-product of cotton ginning process and we have a unique and innovative process to separate the seeds from cotton lint. We make the cotton seeds available on specific needs of the global consumers and also process the seeds into edible cotton seed oil via our sister concern, Aditya Oil Industries.

High-quality Cotton Bales & Seeds for Global Textile Industry

Cotton Bales

Axita Cotton Limited engaged Manufacturing & export of Raw Cotton Bales. Company Has Large Infrastructure and Textiles Ministry of India Approved Hi Tech Machinery for Produce Cotton Bales, Company’s ginning and Pressing Unit Located at kadi (Dist – mehasana) is a Place Where Majority of cotton production units, So Company Has Quality Raw material Available in Best Rate.

Cotton Bales it is cotton packed in bales form. This cotton says as Shankar-6 variety, it is produced in only Gujarat (India). Cotton bales are a result of Ginning and Pressing Process of cotton. Our Ginning Unit separate cotton fibers and seeds from Cotton crop, Wes use only best quality raw materials to ensure a highly reliable production. We taking Care during the complete mechanical process of produce Cotton bales.

Axita Cotton Characteristics (In HVI Mode)


28.5 TO 30 MM


28 TO 30 GM / TEX


11-1,21-1, Near about GM Grade, Reflectance- 78%


3.8 TO 4.3




5.5 to 6.5 %


72+ %


Below 1.5%

Comparable foreign growth

USA Fiber Max, Acala, W. African, Australian and Brazilian cotton.

Cotton Seeds

Our manifecturing capacity of cotton seed is 160000 kg per day We provide to our esteemed clients a wide range ofcotton seeds, What we manufacture is widely demand especially in India.

Cotton seeds and organic cotton seeds provided by us is useful for solvent industry. These cotton seeds can be availed in different packaging sizes depending upon the demands of the clients.the wide spectrum of cotton seeds, cotton plant seeds, etc can be availed at very reasonable prices. In addition, we are the preeminent organic cotton seeds manufacturers and suppliers in India.


Moistures / Humidity

5.0 to 10.0 %

Oleic Acidity

0.75 %

Oil Contents

18 to 21.70 %


12 – 14 %




98.9% min



High-quality Cotton Bales & Seeds for Global Textile Industry

BCI Cotton

BCI Cotton is a unique form of cotton which is governed by the Better Cotton Standard System. BCI cotton production and ginning process are structured to promise long-term environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Being a member of Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Axita Cotton Ltd. promotes sustainable BCI processing practices for production and export of high-quality BCI cotton.

Organic Cotton

Our organic cotton is produced and processed with utmost care to maintain high standards of quality. Using organic farming practices, farmers grow the cotton plant which is processed at Axita Cotton Ltd. with minimum contamination of raw produce to deliver finest quality organic cotton for global textile and clothing industry.

Primark Sustainable Cotton

Primark Cotton is high-quality cotton that uses natural cotton grown using sustainable farming practices. Our special ginning and processing plant utilizes the raw cotton cultivated by farmers under Primark sustainable farming program. Using an advanced ginning process, we produce an avant-garde variety of Primark sustainable cotton.

Axita Cotton