Valorant Quarantine
League 1.0

  Valorant is a free-to-play 5v5 Multiplayer tactical first-person shooter developed and published by Riot Games, for Windows OS. More than guns and bullets you'll choose an Agent armed with adaptive, swift and lethal abilities that create opportunities to let your Gunplay shine.

  Each match has 25 total rounds, the first team to win 13 rounds win the match.

  It has already become the 7th most viewed game on Twitch even though it has just been released 3 months ago.

Uniq Sports and Entertainment is bringing
to you all The Valorant Quarantine League 1.0 (VQL1.0).

  The Valorant Quarantine League 1.0 is a Double Elimination Tournament(meaning minimum 2 match will be played by all the teams no matter lose or win), with an exciting prize pool of INR 5000.

  Not to worry about the COVID Pandemic as the VQL1.0 is a completely online tournament. All distances maintained, staying home & staying safe.

  The Tournament will be played from 3rd September onwards.

  A maximum of 36 teams will be allowed to play in the tournament on a first come first serve basis, only indian players are allowed.

  INR 250 Per Team is the registration fee for the tournament.

  Also keep in mind that there is a SURPRISE after the Completion of the tournament.

To register, click the button below, and get ready
for some tough matches and great fun.

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